So, now that you’ve got that old Tina Turner song in your head, (you’re welcome, by the way ;)), I want to chat to you about your health.  If, like me, you’ve been known to take your health for granted – hello soft drink, sweets and alcohol throughout my 20’s, then this may just be the post you need to pay attention to.

What’s health got to do with it?  Well, pretty much EVERYTHING it turns out!

Do you ever look at those stories of the 80 year old grandpa who is still running marathons and smile and wonder how he does it?  Or look at those people with beautiful glowing skin and shiny hair and wish you had inherited the ‘beauty’ gene that they seem to have received?  Yep, me too!


I spent most of my 20’s and a good chunk of my 30’s feeling pretty ordinary. I’d lead a pretty interesting life, I’d travelled, lived overseas, gotten married (& later divorced) and I had a strong circle of friends.  On the outside I had everything going for me, except that on the inside I was exhausted most days and I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror at my ever expanding waistline.  

I’ll never forget when a colleague of mine told me when I was just 25, that I should embrace my life and live it to the fullest, because at 27 is when it all starts to go downhill – he was at the ripe old age of 31 when he told me that – hardly old!  The worst part was that I believed him (for a little while anyway). 

Like a lot of people, I had fallen into the trap of believing that as I was getting older it was just the natural law of the universe that I should feel tired and sluggish.  I surveyed my friends at the time and quite a few felt the same way, which strengthened my resolve that this was just the way life was and I just had to accept it.

And now…

Fast forward about 4 years ago, whilst living in London, I started reading health blogs like this one and trying out new recipes. I found a great trainer who was very into a Paleo-ish diet who taught me a lot about food and the way it affects our bodies.  My life at this point was probably the most stressed that its ever been, but just by working with the trainer and gaining knowledge around the food I should be eating, I was able to cope so much better with what life was throwing at me. I quickly came to the startling realisation that all those years of wandering through life in a daze, feeling tired for no reason and just generally feeling a little bit blah were completely unnecessary!  It only took a couple of weeks before I started to notice changes, which really surprised me and helped spur me on.  

It was like I was a new person – all the same stressors of life were there, but I was able to cope with them so much better just by making a few tweaks to my eating and exercise habits. I was able to sleep at night, I was happier and also nicer to those around me (ask my partner at the time, he’ll certainly attest to that)!  

The good news, is that there is never a better time to start taking care of yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up about the choices you’ve made in the past, but look to what you can do today to improve your wellbeing. It doesn’t mean that you won’t slip up – perhaps eat the wrong thing, or have one glass too many along the way, but you’ll just get back to it the next meal.  I want you to believe that by knowing your body and carefully listening to it, you can heal all of your past hurts and get back your natural vibrancy.  

I know that when I eat processed foods, I don’t feel great the next day – sometimes I’m prepared to take that chance and suffer the consequences and other times I’m not.  What I do know for sure is that its up to me to make the best decisions for my health and wellbeing.

There are some really simple first steps that can help you greatly improve your health:

  • Get more sleep – at least 7-8 hrs a night
  • Drink more water – I aim for 2.5ltrs a day, but can be more depending on my movements during the day
  • Eat more plant based, whole foods – barely a meal goes by now without something green on my plate
  • Be more mindful and develop a gratitude practice

Whilst these steps may sound really simple and we’ve all heard them before, the key to remember is progress over perfection and that’s where I can help.  I’ve experienced feeling tired for no reason and I believe, as a health coach, that I can help you get back your natural vitality by helping you set goals and keeping you accountable on the road to achieving them.

I’d really love to hear your experiences below – have you had a time in your life when you didn’t feel at your best, but you’ve managed to turn it around?  
Share with me how you did it and how you feel now?  If you’re just starting out on the journey, I’d really love to help you – why not schedule a quick 30 min call to see if I’m the right fit for you?

To your health with love always!  
Shelley xx