A few weekends back I was incredibly lucky to have been invited along to the Utopia Women’s Wellness event held at Melbourne Park (yes for you tennis lovers out there – it’s where the Australian Open is held every January).   I was very randomly invited to attend as a guest by the event organiser about a month ago. I received an email saying she had found my website and thought that what I wrote aligned well with the event, so would I like to come along…..uh, let me think about that for all of half a nanosecond….YES PLEASE!!

The Utopia Women’s Wellness Event has been running for the past couple of years and brings together Australia’s leading writers and experts in the arena of women’s health. This year the event attracted the likes of Lisa Messenger, Jamie Gonzalez, Tara Bliss, Lola Berry, David Gillespie, Katie Dean and many more. I have been following (aka online stalking) all of these folks for the last couple of years and regularly lap up everything that they share with their respective community’s.

This was the first time I’ve attended this event and it was just incredible.  There was so much happening throughout the entire day, from the amazing speakers in the 2 main rooms, to the wellness stage which was running all sorts of competitions and displays to the market stalls each run by local people keen to share more about their particular interest in health and wellness.  I found it hugely inspirational to see the number of people who attended – it was so reassuring to know that so many people are interested in this type of information and it was good to see it done in a really fun and engaging way.

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If you’re at all interested in health and well-being, you need to find a way to get along to the Utopia Women’s Wellness event.

To spend a day surrounded by people who all care about their health is priceless.


Hearing the stories of the speakers, getting a chance to chat to them and get a quick squeeze is second to none.


Here are my main takeaways from the event:


  • Everyone has a story that can help someone else. These people on the stage were at one point in time just like you and I. Granted, now they are well known and have large social media followings, but just a few short years ago, they were relatively unknown and going through many of the same struggles that everyone else has. It’s the people who are willing to be vulnerable and tell their stories that make the biggest impact on the world.


  • Wellness is more about just the food you consume or the exercise you do each day, it’s about the connections you make and the love that you bestow on the people around you.  This is a major theme in the IIN course that I’m currently enrolled in, which I hope to share more about soon.


  • If you’re passionate about something, you need to find your tribe – ie. those people that are also excited by the same thing as you. These folks may not necessarily be your immediate family and friends – you may need to specifically seek them out, but when you find them, you’ll know you’re in the right place.  Those that know me well, know that I can be pretty shy at times, but at this event, I was a different me – I was out chatting to people and making connections with the people I was sitting with without too much effort.  It just felt so natural to connect with people in that way who were all passionate about the same things as me.


  • Everyday you should give yourself a gift – not necessarily anything with monetary value, but everyday you should do something nice for yourself. This could be as simple as taking a bath, getting a massage, walking along the beach or chatting to a friend. When we start to think of these things as gifts, then we’re less likely to think of other crutches as ways to reward ourselves.  This little nugget was from the lovely Lola Berry and I really love the sentiment – self care is such a gift and in order for us to take care of all the people that are important to us (let’s face it, as women, we tend to put everyone else first), we have to look after ourselves first.


All in all it was a great day and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to connect with the lovely people who attended.

If you’re at all interested in health and wellness, I would absolutely encourage you to get along to either the upcoming Sydney or Brisbane event, or get along to Melbourne next year – you never just know who you may connect with!

If you’re in Brisbane or Sydney, I believe there are still tickets available here.


To your health and happiness,

Shelley xx