Last weekend I had the chance to travel to Sydney to help celebrate the wedding of two lovely friends that I met whilst I lived in London. These two are definitely the real deal – both very open and warm with great big appetites for love (and life). Honestly, they make such a fantastic couple – the love they have for each other and the people around them is truly beautiful.

It was only when I asked how they met that I realised what an incredible match these two were. The girl in this scenario (J) told me that they met online, which, these days, is pretty common. What had me gob smacked, though, was just how many first dates she had been on before she met her man – 240! I kid you not!

I’m not afraid to tell you that I was initially horrified at the idea of going on 240 bad dates in order to find Mr. right – talk about finding a needle in a haystack! As a single girl myself, the idea put a bit of a dampener on my hopes of finding love, but then it struck me… wasn’t that J had gone on 240 bad dates – no doubt she would have met some lovely people along the way and if you met this woman you would soon realise that the men must have been chasing her – she’s gorgeous! Anyway, I digress, what really struck me was the tenacity shown by J to not settle for just anyone, but to trust that the right person would come along.

When you decide that you want something (be it a partner, a new job, more money, etc), it’s really easy to be disillusioned when things don’t happen according to your schedule, or don’t turn out to be exactly as you planned. You do your best, you try to be patient and stick with it, but if it doesn’t happen within a set time, then you decide it’s not for you (or is that just me who does this)?

What I loved about this story (and what I took away from it) is that if you want something badly enough, then you have to do the hard yards to get it.   You have to firstly get clear about what it is you really want (let’s face it, after 240 first dates, you might still be unclear on what you want, but you’d have to be super clear on what you don’t want) then you have to find the mental strength and tenacity to stick with it until you find EXACTLY what it is you want.   Perhaps that means going on 240 first dates, or perhaps its risking the rejection of someone saying no to something you want – either way you just have to stick at it and keep right on going.

There is a favourite quote of mine that I think applies perfectly to the amazing couple who I saw wed at the weekend:


“Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth ‘you owe me’. Look what happens with a love like that – it lights up the whole sky”.       ~Hafez


I absolutely love this quote – to me it says that anything is possible with an open heart and positive attitude.

So, here’s wishing you a great finish to your week – filled with open hearts, love and promise – from my heart to yours. Xx