I have to confess that I’m quite the self-development nerd these days.  I love nothing more than going along to a packed auditorium to hear someone amazing speak (& whilst the thought of me getting up there and speaking terrifies the living be-jezus out of me, some day I think that’s what I’d also like to do)!   Anyway, I digress….about a month ago, I was listening to a speaker talking about how to live an amazing life and how they stayed healthy.  They mentioned something about their non-negotiables – the things that they did day in and day out, which helped to create the life that they love.

This got me thinking – here was someone who was a very successful home-based business woman – she has twin boys and has been able to retire her husband all before either of them were 40 – pretty amazing!  She’s quite obviously an incredibly busy woman, but she manages to fit everything into her very busy schedule because she has taken to time to develop some really strong self-care habits.  She knows that to keep her business going, she needs to be on top of her game and the best way is by taking care of herself.

It got me thinking about what my non-negotiables are – what are the things that I absolutely do each and everyday that help maintain my health and I came up with the following:

  • WATER WITH APPLE CIDER VINEGAR first thing upon waking I add a tablespoon of ACV into a glass of room temperature water – it’s done amazing things to my skin!
  • GREEN SMOOTHIE – every morning I make a green smoothie – it makes me feel alive knowing that I’ve given my body some hefty nutrition first up.
  • OIL PULLING – every morning I get up and melt down a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around my mouth for 20 mins.  My teeth are honestly so much whiter than before and trips to the dentist are no longer scary (or expensive)!
  • JOURNALLING – every morning (whilst I’m swishing the coconut oil around) I’ll jump back into bed and spend 20mins journalling.  Lately I’ve been writing my top ten goals out everyday.  I do it without looking at the day before – it’s been quite interesting to see which goals have strengthened in my mind and which have changed over time.

I like to think that these small things that I do everyday add up over time.  It only takes half an hour out of my day and when they’re done, I feel like I’m ready to get started.  Listening to the speaker (and in my own more recent experience), developing a consistent morning routine is the key to getting what you want out of life.  It gives you the discipline and self confidence to realise that you can have it all!

So, I would really love to hear what are your non-negotiables?  What are the little things that you do day in, day out that help you get more out of your day or that help you feel really good about yourself.  Pop a comment below, or head over to my Facebook page to leave a comment.

Wishing you wonderful days!  xx