Kundalini yoga – where have you been all my life?  As I’ve talked about in other blogs, my life has been rather black and white, but the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking more in technicolour.  Kundalini yoga came into my life just at the right time and I’m so grateful for the practice.

What’s kundalini yoga and how is it different to other types of yoga?

Kundalini is a very special yoga that incorporates mantra, meditation and special sets of exercises and breathing techniques.  Below is an abstract taken directly from the 3HO website:

“Kundalini Yoga is the science to unite the finite with Infinity, and it’s the art to experience Infinity in the finite.”
Yogi Bhajan, 10/27/88

I started practicing this type of yoga in February this year after attending a Gabrielle Bernstein workshop in Melbourne.  After meeting her, I have serious girl crush on this incredible woman – she’s a pocket rocket who is doing such amazing things in the world!     Luckily enough I had mentioned kundalini to a friend who is also into meditation who just happened to stumble on a class in our local area.  I first thought that we had stumbled onto some sort of cult-like practice – some of the breathing styles are a little odd and the traditional downward dog wasn’t anywhere to be seen, but it was quickly made evident that what we had stumbled onto was something wonderful.

Tonight’s class was no exception.  Lead by the beautiful soul who is Josephine of Josephine Olivia Yoga Therapies here in Rosebud.  It had been yet another frustrating day in the office and despite trying to practice gratitude where ever I could, I felt emotionally drained way before lunchtime even swung around.  There’s something about not living your souls purpose that’ll do that to a girl!  All I wanted to do when I got home was dive under the covers and hide away from the world, but instead I decided to go along to yoga.  I haven’t been for weeks, which likely explains why I’ve been struggling this week.

Letting Go

I’m so blessed to be able to practice so close to home with such an incredible teacher.  Tonight’s session was all about letting go of fears and allowing the fire burning in your heart to burn bright.  I may have walked in feeling quite stressed, but afterwards, I walked home feeling very much at ease and more like myself again.  Kundalini really takes you on a journey into knowing yourself that little bit deeper.  At first I remember finding it a little bit uncomfortable to go that deep within myself and for a long time I resisted really letting go in the classes, but the feeling of sweet release that it gives is definitely worth working through a little bit of discomfort for.

It’s funny, I had never thought of myself as someone who would be into anything spiritual, but I’ve been really enjoying getting to know myself more and more through the power of kundalini yoga this past year.  Whilst its important to set goals and reach for them, there also needs to be a balance of looking after yourself and feeding the soul to help discover your true purpose and this is what I get out of going to class.  Just by sitting with a beautiful bunch of women and taking an hour and a half out of my day to concentrate on me, it really brings about a sense of calm which is quite indescribable.

So, on my trek to discover what happiness means to me, I can definitely add kundalini yoga to the mix as something that lights my spark and allows me to shine, though something tells me that the word happiness doesn’t even come close to fully describing this feeling!

If you’re curious to know more about kundalini or if you live on the Peninsula and want more information about the class that I attend, let me know in the comments below.